Dymola Academic Packages

Dymola is available in two academic bundles called Academic Learn and Academic Innovate.  These are full featured packages and include the same features and capabilities as the equivalent commercial version.  The bundles are available for academic research and teaching at academic institutions at substantially discounted prices.

For teaching purposes there is a 25 seat classroom version and a student version.  The classroom version consists of 25 network licenses of the full featured version of Dymola.  The student version is for distribution to students for use on their personal computers but they are only sold to academic institutions. The student version is limited in functionality with respect to the model sizes (defined as a combination of number of components, equations, dynamic states, and more).

The packages contain the following Dymola product options and libraries.  We also offer an add-on for the Academic Innovate package to meet the needs of Motorsports researchers and teaching institutions.

Dymola Academic Learn Dymola Academic Innovate
Dymola – Standard Configuration X X
Simulink Interface X X
Real-time simulation X X
Powertrain Library X X
Smart Electric Drives Library X X
Hydraulics Library X X
Model Management X
Model Calibration X
Design Optimisation X
Flexible Bodies Library X
Pneumatics Library X
Vehicle Dynamics Library X
Air Conditioning Library X
Engine Dynamics Library X
Hydro Power Library X
Liquid Cooling Library X
Thermal Power Library X

Claytex offers academic versions of our Modelica library and FMI solutions for academic research and teaching purposes. The Claytex libraries are sold individually and can be added to the Dymola packages according to the following table:

Dymola Academic Learn Dymola Academic Innovate
Engines Library X X
FlexBody Library X X
Powertrain Dynamics Library X X
VDLMotorsports Library X
FMI Blockset for Simulink X X

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